Weight Loss Exercises Anyone Can Do!

Weight Loss Exercises Anyone Can Do!

I was visiting a friend at his company last week and I learned a few new ways to make weight loss exercises actually fun. I had stopped by to help him with a project he was working on for their international division.

So about 10:00 AM, everyone in the office area we were working got up and left. I looked around and jokingly said, is this a fire drill? He looked around, looked at his watch, and said no it’s the 10:00 workout break.

I looked at him and said, what’s that? He motioned for me to follow him and said it’s easier to explain if you see it. So we walked down the hallway into a big open area. There were people dancing, playing with a huge beach ball, rolling on a workout ball, and generally jumping around.

I said OK, what’s going on here? He said that this was something that the company adopted years ago to help employees get some exercise and break up the morning routine. I looked around and everyone looked like they were actually having fun.

He also mentioned that some of the people went for walks outside when the weather was nice, inside if not. And some climbed the stairways. There were a lot of different ways to exercise that almost anyone could participate in some shape or manner.

No kidding, these people were doing whatever worked for them and burning calories too. I asked how many participate, he said everyone unless they were injured or unable for some physical reason. I just looked back and said amazing.

Evidently, it’s part of their wellness program and is very popular all around the 6 company locations. They even have outside people come in and teach dance, aerobics, and present information on other health issues.

It helps morale, gives people a good break, and there is something for everyone. I immediately thought I can adopt this same routine at my home office. Maybe plan out a few different activities to give some variety to my exercises.

So now, at 10:00 AM and at 3:00 PM I get up and dance, or walk the dog, or do stretch exercises, or shadow box. Anything to get the blood pumping and burn calories. Even if you just burn an extra 100 calories a day it can make a difference.

Add that up in a week and you’ve just done about 2-3 hours of exercises per week. That’s a good start to any weight loss program and also good for general health.

If you have the location (like me at home) you can hit it hard if you want and turn it into a short but serious cardio workout. Or if in public, stretching and breathing exercises are very easy to do. As long as you do something, every day, it’s a good thing.

And it can add up to enough calories burned to equal up to a pound a week if you watch your calorie intake and keep it down too. Plus you’ll probably feel better and get more done in a day.

So next time you think you don’t have the time to go workout, run, or swim… just get up and dance. You’ll be surprised at how much fun you can have doing something not really thought of as exercise.


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