Fat Burning Exercises

Fat Burning Exercises

Burning fat is an important part of any weight loss or body toning program. Fat builds up in our bodies when we are not paying attention, and it can be difficult to get rid of. It takes a commitment to proper nutrition and exercise to burn off that excess fat that is plaguing us. But take heart: there are fat burning exercises that can help!

The key to successful fat burning is consistency. Fat is stored in the body for energy. The body needs fat to fuel it when it works hard. The problem comes when there is too much fat that cannot be burned off in regular activity. It doesn’t take long for fat to build up, but it does take a while to begin to burn it off in noticeable ways.

If you are just beginning a fat-burning exercise program, don’t be discouraged if you don’t see huge results immediately. They will come if you keep going.

The body is continually using some fat as it goes about its daily operations. That means as you exercise, the body is using some of the fat you have stored. After continual cardiovascular exercise for 20 minutes or more, your brain sends a signal to the fat deposits to let go of a flood of fat cells at once. When those are released, the body will burn off more fat than it will if you are resting. The first 20 minutes of your workout is important because the “prime the pumps” to get the fat burning process going. But remember, the more you can keep your cardio workout going over 20 minutes, the more productive fat burning you will experience.

Cardiovascular workouts are those that get your heart pumping. These are the exercises that will provide the best fat-burning results. Many people think that the harder the workout, the better the results, but that is not the case. For best results, choose a moderately difficult workout and set a slow and steady pace. Overworking your body can cause damage, which dramatically slows down your results.

You don’t want to work your body beyond what it can take, but you want to push past the point of discomfort. You should experience difficulty breathing normally, but you should still be able to talk to a girlfriend with some breathlessness. The best way to know how hard to push is to monitor your heart rate. Know your maximum heart rate, and keep your workout in the healthiest parameters for your body.

Now that we’ve established the desired parameters for your workout, let’s look at what exercises can produce results.

You have several cardiovascular exercise options. One of the most popular is walking. You can walk anywhere. Do you like to be outdoors? Take a walk in your neighborhood, or at the high school track, or in the local park. Do you hate the humidity? Walk around the mall, or find an indoor track at a sports facility. If you prefer to use a machine to calculate your distance, calories burned, or heart rate, you may decide to join a gym or purchase a treadmill.

Running is another popular option, though not for everyone. The key to running is to establish a pace that you can keep going for a long while. If you begin too fast, you find yourself dropping to a walk, and often that walk gets too slow to be an effective fat-burning exercise. Running too slow doesn’t get your heart rate up to where it should be. If you don’t know, begin by running on a treadmill that will help you get used to a pace that is comfortable and effective for you.

My personal favorite is the elliptical machine because it provides the variety of muscles worked as well as difficulty. I can change the crossramp, which is the angle at which I am climbing, or increase the resistance without even missing a step. I can also set up a variety of programs, which keeps me from getting too bored. I like to bring a book, watch TV, or listen to my favorite music. Anything to keep my brain engaged helps me to cross that 20-minute barrier and keep up that fat-burning exercise.

One of the most popular activities I see at the gym is the stationary bike. While it is not my favorite, many people enjoy it, and it is quite effective at fat burning. If you use the bike with a slow and steady pace and keep your heart rate up for in excess of 20 minutes, you are good to go!

You may also decide to play a sport. Athletics are a fun way to engage in fat-burning activities with friends, without knowing you’re burning fat! Try basketball, soccer, or other sport that keeps you moving and your heart rate up.

Remember, burning those fat deposits takes a commitment to exercising more than 20 minutes at a time. You will see maximum results if you commit to working out three to four times per week. Don’t be discouraged if you miss a workout from time to time. Every workout counts when burning fat, so don’t quit if you miss two or three workouts. Jump right back in and pick up where you left off!

Fat burning exercises can help with any diet or weight loss program. Increasing your fat burning exercises is the best way to burn off excess fat deposits. So find the exercise you enjoy most and jump in with both feet. You will see the fat burn off and your figure become more what you want it to be!


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