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Diet Reviews of the Top Internet Diet Plans

The quick Diet Reviews below fit several different types of people and goals. It’s important to pick a diet plan that works for you and your lifestyle. You need to have everything on your side when you start any diet. Weight loss is one of the most challenging tasks even though there are many weight loss solutions available that can work.

Our reviews are not meant to be in depth analysis of every facet of each diet. Our goal is to give you enough information about the four most popular diets to help you choose which one to investigate further. Think of our reviews as a view from 20,000 feet to give you a quick overview of each diet plan that gives you a quick analysis.

The first few days, even the first week, is the most difficult on any diet. So make it easy on yourself and pick one that fits you personally. The good news is that many dieters do get some positive results in the beginning which can help motivate them to continue. In our diet reviews we try and show both the good and the possible bad of any of the diets below.

It may take you several attempts to find what works for you. Not all diets work for all people. And the latest diets in the news aren’t always the best, it depends on you and your goals. The key is not to give up. In our quick reviews we chose the top four diet plans and all have been popular and effective for many people. Any weight loss plan needs to address your particular needs and work with your lifestyle.

Losing weight is a difficult challenge. It takes self-discipline and a will to succeed. Never attempt any radical dieting methods that could impact your health and make sure you consult a physician if you have any known health issues to consider.

Many weight loss reviews don’t consider the individual and are based on short term results. If you want to lose weight for the long term, it requires more than just a quick fix. Any diet that requires radical methods, diet pills or supplements, and makes promises too good to be true are not going to be sustainable over the long haul.

The three different diets we review below cover the basics and can help you determine which is the best for you. Each one takes a slightly different approach based on individual goals. All have solid reputations and adhere to some very good healthy changes to help you keep the weight off. And that is a very good thing.

Our Reviews on the Most Popular Diet Plans

Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review

If you’re looking for a simple and straight forward approach to weight loss, the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet is it. This is the easiest diet plan to follow for most people.

I’ll be honest, the thing that attracted me first was they mention that they have figured out how to overcome the alcohol deal (you can have your glass of wine). That alone pushed me over the edge to give it a try.

If you have 10 pounds you want to lose now this diet will work. It does require a little planning but nothing more than buying the right food to eat at the grocery store or making the proper selection when eating out.

It has step by step instructions on what to eat and when. No radical starvation methods, and no big denial of favorite foods, and you can achieve some pretty fast results.

Lots of freedom of choices in the meal planning. You can set your own preferences. This is another huge factor that makes this diet plan more acceptable to the average person.

There is both an online meal planning guide and a book with the 10 Rules Of Weight Loss. Simple but effective methods that help you lose weight.

The eating four meals instead of the standard three is a common suggestion by several diets. Most of the meal planning cuts back on carbs but it really isn’t a low carb type diet plan.

How did I do in my first 11 days? Well, I didn’t lose 9 lbs I’m sorry to say. But I did lose 7 lbs and never really got hungry. That’s saying a lot. And I didn’t spend a lot of time counting calories, preparing special meals, or have to buy some mediocre packaged foods.

There are some very good tips that will help you learn to combine the right foods to help you burn more fat. It also allows you to eliminate the bad fats and still get the fats that you need for good nutrition.

I use this for when I fall off the wagon (yes, it does happen) to jump back into proper eating habits. It’s simple but effective, as the name implies. And I should add that it is also pretty painless.

Easy to work into any lifestyle, whether you eat out or eat at home. And you don’t have to force it on your family. Although you could easily put the whole family on this diet and not get complaints. In fact this is a great diet that the whole family can be on with no extra cost in food and no additional hassles in meal planning.

Pros: Easy to understand and follow meal guides. Good info on what to eat and when. No radical methods or crazy work outs. No expensive low calorie food to buy. Something that you can put the whole family on and they probably won’t even know they are on a diet.

Cons: No one on one support from the website. But the diet plan is so easy to understand I doubt you will need any.

You can read more at their website: Fat Loss 4 Idiots


The Venus Factor Review

The Venus Factor is one of the latest 12 week fat loss diets to surface that’s designed specifically for women, especially after childbirth. The short take is that it involves teaching you how to eat healthy and reduce your calorie intake and provide very specific exercises to reshape your body. They zero in on Leptin, which is a hormone that regulates appetite, metabolism and weight. The diet and exercises recommended are intended to get the maximum effect of the Leptin hormone to curb your appetite and increase the fat burning with the exercise. They also work on the attitude and there are lots of support groups and a very popular forum to ask almost any question and get answers from fellow participants.

The feedback I hear most often is that the calorie reduction is all good and does not require extra or specific pre-made foods. No starving or taking supplements, just basic changes that will reduce your calories every day. Now, the exercises aren’t so benign. These exercises are designed around a regiment that specifically works on the trouble areas like thighs, butt, and stomach. Depending on your starting condition, these may be very challenging and difficult for many women.

It is a well thought out diet program that is presented in both PDF format and many exercise videos. Although many of the exercises may not be easy, they are designed to slowly get you into better shape. The nutritional information is based on solid material which in its self would help you lose weight and the peer support is there to keep you going.

It would appear this diet is aimed straight at the women in their childbearing years, say 20 to early 40s based on the many testimonials. But it could also work for women of any age since it is designed around common problems that any woman might have in losing weight. And they don’t really talk about losing a lot of weight but are targeting the women who want to lose weight and get back into shape. It really depends on if you buy into the whole Leptin concept that they base much of the diet program on and use to help the weight loss. And then there’s the exercises to help tone and shape your body if you can handle the physical activity.

The Venus Factor does have a great try it for a week program for $9.95. This allows you to try it for a week and see if it works for you. If it doesn’t, no harm no fowl and you’re done. If it does start working for you and you want to continue after the 7 day period you get billed for a onetime payment of $37.

You can sign up for the 7 Day Trial at their website: The Venus Factor


Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Review

If you also want to shape up your entire body while you lose some weight, the Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle diet is probably the best method for you. This guy is the real deal and offers some good and very effective body building and weight loss advice.

I also had issues with feeling tired and not having any energy, and this program helped me a lot. My energy and endurance is has improved 100%.

I would compare this book to having the your own personal trainer guiding you through the maze. Tom Venuto will help you develop a plan to burn fat and get in great physical shape too.

Tom is a world champion in bodybuilding and provides over 300 pages of good information on both losing weight and gaining muscle.

This book has chapters on every aspect of weight loss. The book has sections on Motivation, Body Types, Foods and Meal Planning, Cardio Training, Weight Training, and Supplements.

Tom has an easy to read style that walks you through every aspect of his recommended cardio and weight training.

The information about food and how to eat healthy will help you adopt a more healthy choice in eating habits.

Tom also dispels many myths on health supplements and why most people don’t need them.

I saw good results in tone and shape of my body as a whole. And there was no pain. I actually enjoy exercise now.

If you want to get that body back into shape and learn how exercise can help, this would be a good fit.

This book helped me loose inches off my waist and also improve my overall fitness.


Pros: Good overall plan to help you get into shape and lose weight. Step by step methods that can help anyone. Very well balanced program for people to live healthy and feel better.


Cons: It is a lot of reading, over 300 pages. Not everyone likes to exercise, and it takes some dedication to follow through.


You can find out all the info here: Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle


Diet Reviews That Help You Make The Best Choice

These weight loss program reviews can help you select the best diet for your lifestyle and goals. All of these diets have some merit and can work if properly followed. Throw in a little motivation and will power and you will lose weight. Attitude and perseverance is the key to success in any diet.


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