Diet Pills that Work

Diet Pills that Work

After I modified my diet and engaged in a well-rounded exercise program, I was still not really seeing the results I wanted in my body. I still had a hard time stopping eating before I ate too much, and my calorie intake was not really slowing down, despite my change in diet. My next move was to find some diet pills that work, without any side effects.

I could not lose the pockets of fat stored from pregnancy and other lazy times in my life. I turned to research about different diet pill products that might help me make some progress.

I came up with a couple of products I wanted to find out more about. The first was the fat burning pills I have seen all over my TV. They claimed to drop the fat right off my body without me doing anything. I wondered how true that could be, but I was curious.

I discovered that the manufacturers of these diet pills, while they may not say it on TV, actually do recommend changes to diet and exercise routines that will make their products more effective in your fat burning process. Relacore, Cortislim, and Xenadrine are all fat-burning products designed to target the pockets of fat we store in those hard-to-exercise areas. You know the ones; the pocket in your belly, and the one in the upper thighs and backside.

The claims these manufacturers make are so attractive, aren’t they? I wanted to sign up right away. But what I discovered is that if you don’t make changes to your diet and exercise programs, they won’t work like they claim. If you are willing to make changes, you may well see results. It is too early to know how long the results last or if further changes to diet and exercise will cause additional changes in their effectiveness.

The most important factor you can consider is your health. Talk to your doctor about your overall health, the risks, and benefits of taking such a diet pill to help you lose unwanted fat.

I was absolutely sure I did not want to take stimulant-based diet pills. I eliminated Leptoprin and its cousins Leptopril and Anorex. These three are strong stimulants, and they are most often prescribed for people with extreme weight issues and potential health risks related to their weight. The same is true for Phentermine, which I discounted for myself for the same reasons.

Where I did find great success in supplementing my diet and exercise regimen was with Hoodia based pills. What attracted me to Hoodia is that it is all natural. It is an herbal supplement that comes from the Hoodia Gordonii plant, found exclusively in southwestern Africa. It contains no dangerous stimulants, and it has no interactions with any drugs my doctor could find.

Hoodia works by convincing the brain that the stomach is full, even when it is not. Therefore, I eat less and lose weight. In some studies, participants have even been found to decrease their daily caloric intake from around 2200 calories to just over 1100. That means they are cutting their calories in half. That is a sure way to drop the weight. Of course, eating high-calorie, high-fat foods will still cause you to consume more calories than if you are behaving yourself, but the dramatic cut in caloric intake shows!

There are several things to look for in determining which Hoodia product to buy. First, it is expensive because the plant is exclusive. The more expensive products contain more genuine Hoodia. Second, read the label. Look for a product that is stimulant-free, caffeine-free, and all-natural.

There are products that combine Hoodia with other stimulants to make it appeal to a wider audience, but the Hoodia is the active ingredient, and it works without the stimulants.

Third, be careful to check the concentration of Hoodia compared to the number of fillers. Some products have just a little Hoodia, and a lot of water, plant extracts, and other fillers. These will have less of the ingredients that work, and you will see fewer results!

There are several ways you can use Hoodia. It is available from different manufacturers in pill, liquid, or patch form. Be wary of manufacturers that make pills of less than 750 mg. The lower concentrations do not work as well. The advantages of pills include their portability and the fact that they are pre-measured. A drawback is there is no flexibility if you find you need to adjust dosages. Liquids allow you to measure your own dose according to your needs, though carrying a bottle and measuring spoon is less attractive. The patch is applied and worn until the active ingredient is absorbed.

These can have more potent effects early in the application, and they may wane slightly before you are ready to use a new patch. Cost-effectiveness is also a consideration of which product you choose.

Something to remember: Hoodia is not a diet pill. It is an appetite suppressant. It will help you not feel hungry, but it will not burn fat or calories. It is most effective in conjunction with a complete weight loss plan, including a balanced diet and exercise program.

My weight loss journey will never be over. It is something we all deal with all our lives. Finding diet pills that work can be a big help. Be sure to discuss all your health concerns with your doctor. Find the diet pill that is safe and healthy for you, and make sure there are no adverse health effects.


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