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OK, our web application has finally bit the dust. But no worries, we have some great replacements for you that work on the web and most mobile devices. We chose what we think are the three best calorie counting applications available that are free and easy to use. And the one form the website is great for determining exactly the number of calories to reduce your intake to lose one pound a week, which is much easier for most people. Although none of these applications will make you lose weight they can be great tools to help you not only monitor the number of daily calories consumed but be more aware of what you eat. Healthy eating habits both reduce your caloric intake but also can improve your overall health and make you feel better.

Calorie Count

A free web application that works from laptop/Desktop and mobile versions. With over 250,000 foods in the database and lots of support from their user community of over 6 million members.


MyFitnessPal’s free calorie counter gives free access to huge nutrition and calorie database, with over 4 million foods and information. One of the easiest calorie counter applications available.

American Cancer Society Calorie Counter

The American Cancer Society Calorie Counter has is a slightly different approach to calorie counting. It computers what your daily calorie count would be to maintain your weight. Obviously, this gives you a target to stay below to lose weight. It gives you the number of calories to reduce each week to lose 1 pound and offers different methods to achieve those goals.

Use these applications to calculate future meals, or even plan your meals for the week. Remember that calorie counting is not an exact science but will give you a close enough number to track your calories for many different common food items.

Using any software application to track calories will work but many people have a tendency to stop after a short time. Plus I can tell you right now that most calorie counting is less than an exact science for many reasons. Portions in restaurants can be different with every server, items may have ingredients (sauces or condiments) not obvious but add lots of calories.

Sometimes the basic old piece of paper (or electronic) that tracks your daily consumption, using the best guess, is just as good and much easier. Paying attention to food choices and portion control is just as good as trying to figure out exact calories consumed. You can check out this article on calorie counting that also provides a basic printable form for you to use by clicking here: Counting Calories.

Body Mass Index Calculator

We also have a simple calculator that will give you your BMI (body mass index) below. Athletes tend to be a little out of range (body mass is much higher than the average person).


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