11 Day Diet

11 Day Diet

OK, everyone is looking for a magic bullet on losing weight. Throw in a small amount of time, like 11 days, and you get most people’s attention. And the 11 Day diet does work, I know since I have used it.

There are a couple of very basic concepts at work when you start the 11 Day Diet. The foods you consume act in unison to help burn the calories you intake and even a few more. And due to the nature of eating frequently, you feed this calorie burning scenario.

One factor that most people like about the diet is they really don’t push exercise other than daily walks for 30 minutes. You should be doing that even if you aren’t trying to lose weight for the other health benefits of walking each day. And you can split it into 15 walks, which makes it easy to fit in even in a busy schedule.

The food combinations can get a little unorthodox since they need to be very specific. And some people have a problem eating every 2-3 hours or 4 times a day. It also takes planning since you need to create menus and have the food items on hand. And there are some social issues since you will not be eating what others eat or when.

The claim is that most people can lose 9 pounds in the 11 day period. Then you can have a three day break (eat whatever you want) and then start the 11 Day Diet again. So if you want to lose say 30 pounds, you might want to call this the 33 Day Diet =8~). But I don’t think you could do this diet for 33 days in a row and the first 10 pounds are always the easiest.

Back when I first did the diet I lost a good 10 pounds in the 11 days. But I was very dedicated and never strayed from the schedule or food lists. And I was already walking 30 minutes a day (I have a dog) so I upped the 30 minutes to an hour. My dog was overjoyed that he got two 30 minute walks a day.

The guys who came up with this program (well, I think the basic principal of eating specific foods that help you burn calories has been around forever) and packaged it to sell are the folks from Fat Loss 4 Idiots. Back when I used it they didn’t have the fancy online menu generator or some of the backend information.

The problem with any diet that requires specific foods at specific times is you will abandon it sooner or later. Sure, you can go back and do the 11 Day Diet at any time in the future to lose some extra weight. But most legitimate (that would be someone not trying to sell you something) nutrition experts agree that eating healthy and a lifestyle change is necessary for long term success of weight control.

A better long term plan might be to do the 11 Day Diet, then incorporate those food items into your normal eating habits. Knowing which foods are beneficial to burning calories is a good thing. Trying to keep your metabolism up and working hard to burn calories helps too.

The 11 Day Diet at Fat Loss 4 Idiots is $39 for the basic membership and another $16 for the advanced system called Beyond Calories. Is it worth the price? Well if you want a well laid out diet plan that tells you step by step what to do to lose weight it probably is a good value. Learning all about foods that tend to increase your calorie burning and working with your body is beneficial to long term weight control.

When I bought it a few years ago I think it was around the same cost and it did work for me. But remember that everyone can be different and your results may not be the same. I do think most people will lose weight since the basic strategy is based on known calorie burning methods.

If you want to learn more, just click here: Fat Loss 4 Idiots

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